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I tried the Whole 30 eating plan but it was way too restrictive all at once. I'm really enjoying the 1% challenges. Some days I can say, "no problem, I can do that". Other days I acknowledge that I need to work toward success in that area. I've made many of the recipes and they have all been easy to make and delicious to eat. Thank you for the awesome website!

Cheryl Woody

I love the 1% change clues. Otherwise, change seems all too overwhelming, but little changes are easier to accomplish. That being said- it is a huge benefit to have a relevant daily 1% change suggestion you provide. I actually look forward to see what it is and how I can build these together. The recipes are also great and for real people. Traders Joe’s salmon? I can do that for instance, and I love that you are keeping it real and simple.

Deb Dickason

I just want to thank you for my fantastic dinner tonight! I made the Caramelized Onion & Bacon Burgers and they were so good.

Jennifer Ross

The slow cooker spare ribs were very good last night. With two 20 year old boys home, I am glad I doubled the recipe!

Jim Maier

Having lost over 50 pounds on the 30/10 weight loss for life plan, I needed a way to maintain the weight loss and still enjoy eating. I found... Your Paleo Tribe. The recipes are easy. The food is delicious and Mark does a great job informing and educating the Tribe.

Ray Roberts