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Today's 1% Change: Maximize Your Magnesium

June 9, 2017

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Today's 1% Change: Use Wunderlist

August 28, 2017

This isn’t really a Paleo thing. But it can be a huge help in planning and organizing your meals, especially if you’re working with your family or significant other in planning meals and shopping.


What Wunderlist does for you is make it easy to create lists, like shopping lists, and share them with others. We have separate shared lists for Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Costco. You can add and remove items and so can everyone that you share the list with. So if you have a recipe with a bunch of ingredients you need and your spouse or son or daughter is going to stop at the grocery store, everything they need to pick up is right there in the app. And they can check things off as they get them and they disappear from the shared list.


Get the Wunderlist app for your phone. It’s a huge time saver.



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