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Today's 1% Change: Maximize Your Magnesium

June 9, 2017

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Today’s 1% Change: Diet Soda… Just Say No

July 25, 2017


If you’re still drinking diet soda, even just once in awhile, you really shouldn’t. You might think that something with zero calories would be okay. It’s better than drinking a regular soda with a ton of sugar in it, right? No… not really. Neither one is good, but there’s been a lot of research done that shows how bad those artificial sweeteners really are.


One of the biggest issues they’re finding with artificial sweeteners is that they alter the bacteria in your gut. And those alterations can lead to obesity and diabetes. I know… that’s the exact opposite of what you’d think a zero calorie drink would do.


This article in The Scientific American sums it up pretty well. One study showed that after only 5 days of consuming artificial sweeteners, there were significant changes in glucose sensitivity and gut bacteria in the majority of the study participants. To me that’s pretty scary. And I know people that drink a liter of the stuff each and every day.


I know that sometimes you want something besides just plain water. You can add a slice or a squeeze of lemon, lime or orange. I also like Nuun tablets. I started using them after bike rides because they have electrolytes. You just drop a tablet in a glass of water and it’s pretty tasty. Sometimes I’ll squeeze ½ a lemon or lime into a glass of water and add a Nuun tablet too. Nuun recently changed their formula so it’s 100% natural. Give them a try.


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