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Today's 1% Change: Maximize Your Magnesium

June 9, 2017

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Today's 1% Change: Listen to Your Food

July 7, 2017


One of the best nutrition books out there right now is Deep Nutrition by Dr. Cate Shanahan. If you really want to understand the profound impact food can have on you and your children (if you have any or if you’re planning on having any) you should read this book.


One of the things that Dr. Shanahan said in the book that really struck a chord with me is that food is a language. We often think of food in very simple terms of calories, fat, protein and carbs. But the food you eat is so much more than that. The food you eat speaks to your body and sends information to every cell.


So you can choose to eat things that your body doesn’t understand and rejects: Manufactured, processed, artificially flavored things made in a factory or grown on a feedlot.


Or you can choose to eat things very close to what humans have been eating for tens of thousands of years that provide rich information: Organic vegetables and fruit. Pasture raised chicken and eggs and pasture raised pork. Grass fed beef. Wild fish. Your body knows what those foods are saying and knows how to use them to be strong, healthy and really thrive.


So listen to your food. Eat foods that speak the language that your body understands.