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June 9, 2017

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Today's 1% Change: Eat Paleo On the Road

June 29, 2017


It's getting easier and easier to find real food choices when traveling. Because of the gluten free movement, you can even order a burger without a bun without getting funny looks from the waiter or waitress. 


On the way to Missoula yesterday we stopped in Moses Lake for lunch. I didn't think Moses Lake had much in the way of nice restaurants but we were pleasantly surprised when we found Michael's On The Lake. They had numerous options that worked.  Nothing grass-fed or pasture raised of course, but plenty of no-grain, no-dairy, no vegetable oil options. I ordered their burger, no mayonnaise and no bun. The waitress then asked if I'd like it wrapped in lettuce. Sure! Julie had a chicken breast sandwich, no bread, wrapped in lettuce. They were both very good!


Breakfast is easy... Get some eggs and ask them to cook them in butter. If you don't, they'll almost always be cooked in canola oil. 


When you're traveling, plan on taking some good snacks with you. Some mixed raw or dry roasted nuts, apple slices and Kind bars work well. We even take some of our Paleo muffins with us when we travel. 


Don't stop eating real food when you travel. It might be a little more work, but you can do it. 


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