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June 9, 2017

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Today's 1% Change: If You See an Ad for It, Avoid It.

June 20, 2017


This isn’t a 100% iron-clad rule. I’m sure that you might see an advertisement for real food when you’re surfing the web. Or you might see an ad for the butcher shop in your local newspaper. But I’m referring to the ads you see on TV or when you’re served up all those ads while you’re waiting for the movie to start when you go to the theater.


We went and saw Wonder Woman last weekend (it was actually a pretty good, entertaining movie) and there were lots of “food” ads shown before the movie. I remember Coca-Cola, Cheerios, M&M’s and Chick-fil-A. No, No, No and only if you have no other choice.


There are several things in common about the products. The majority of what you’d be eating is artificial, man made, and contains GMO products.


Chick-fil-A does seem to care more about their food sources and quality than most fast food restaurants. But you’re still getting added sugars, lots of grain and they do put MSG in pretty much all of their food. Oh… and of course anything you get there that’s deep fried will be fried in canola oil.


So stick to the rule and you’ll be a lot better off: If you see an ad for it, don’t eat it.