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June 9, 2017

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Today’s 1% Change: Maybe Get a Fitness Tracker

June 1, 2017


Sometimes you just need a little motivation. A fitness tracker might be just the thing you need if you like little reminders throughout the day to get moving. There are tons of options out there from as low as $15 to several hundred dollars if you want all the bells and whistles of a smart watch.


Some of the trackers have good smartphone apps to go with them that tell you how you’re doing and let you know if you’re just a few steps short of the goal that you’ve set. And with some, like FitBit and Jawbone, you can create a group or join a community for a little friendly competition. That’s another way some people are motivated. So if that works for you, I’d say go for it and try it out.


If you have a smartphone, you already have a fitness tracker.  On Android phones, use the Fit app to track your steps. It also integrates with other fitness apps like Strava to give you totals for everything you do. On iPhones, the Health app tracks your steps.


I’ve seen some articles that say that after 6 months or so, a lot of people stop wearing fitness trackers. If you’re one of those people, dig it out of the drawer and start using it again. But even if you have thrown it in the drawer after a few months, that’s more than enough time to establish a new habit. If at the end of a few months, you’ve gotten in the habit of walking more: Goal accomplished!