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June 9, 2017

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Today’s 1% Change: Stop Eating Breakfast Cereal

May 26, 2017


I must confess… I used to eat a lot of cold cereal. And not just for breakfast. I’d eat it for snacks too. But when I started making changes to eat only real food, cereal was one of the first things to go.


If you’re still eating cold breakfast cereal out of a box, it’s time to stop. Cereal of any kind is a completely manufactured product. Most are very high in sugar content, all are high in carbs and just about all of them also have vegetable oils and other manufactured ingredients. And almost all breakfast cereals have GMO ingredients in them as well.


Many people put skim milk on their cereal, thinking that low-fat skim milk is healthy. But skim milk is another manufactured food that’s been stripped of nutritional value. Sure, it’s “vitamin fortified” with vitamins A, D and E but you need fat to absorb those vitamins. So the synthetic vitamins in that skim milk are useless to your body.


What to have instead? Eggs are quick, easy, filling, full of nutrition and you can make them in many different ways. Boil some eggs ahead of time for an easy to grab breakfast. Scramble some eggs and top with some salsa. If you’re feeling creative, make an omelette with butter or scramble some eggs with onions and other veggies. I have eggs for breakfast just about every day.