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June 9, 2017

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Today’s 1% Change: Eat Mindfully

May 22, 2017

A lot of us have hectic schedules… getting kids off to school, getting to work on time, getting tons of things done at work, running errands. And one of the things that we sacrifice is the time that we spend eating. How many times have you wolfed down your breakfast or lunch and 10 minutes later you can’t even remember what you ate, or even if you ate?


It really does make a difference if you take just a little time to pause before you eat. It prepares your mind and your digestive system for the food that’s coming. It doesn’t take much. Just a few seconds. If you pray, say grace. If not just take a few seconds to be thankful for the food you’re about to eat.


Several things happen when you take a little time before eating. First, your body starts preparing the digestive process. Have you ever been really hungry, started thinking about your favorite food and started salivating? Yes… just like Pavlov’s dog. That’s your body preparing for the food that’s coming. Another thing that happens is that you’ll slow down while you're eating. You'll

actually remember eating and are less likely to be hungry a short time later. Which means you’re less likely to overeat.


So take a few seconds or a minute every time before you eat. Even in a hectic day you can afford to pause for a couple minutes.


Eat mindfully.