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Just Getting Started Workout

(Level One)

If you're new to working out, or haven't worked out for a long time, this is the place to get started. The focus will be exercises that you can do at home but you can do them at a gym as well. 

Do 3 sets of the following exercises

1. Body weight squats: 20 reps

2. Regular push ups: 10 reps

3. Lunges: 20 reps

4. Staggered Push Ups: 10 reps

4. Staggered Push Ups: 10 reps

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3 Sets Total

I Want More Workout

(Level Two)

Have you mastered the basics? Ready to step it up a notch? These workouts are more difficult than the ones you'll find on the I'm Just Getting Started page and will help you achieve a higher level of fitness.

Do 4 sets

You can also do timed 30 seconds work /10seconds rest instead of reps

1)  10 Squat jumps 

2)  30 Push ups 

3)  40 Lunges - 20 left, 20 right 

4)  20 Wide push ups 

5)  20 Split squats - 10 left, 10 right 

 6)  10 Close grip push ups 

Back to the top for a total of 4 sets